Dhammakaya Temple of Melbourne

Address: 18 Centenary Dr, Mill Park VIC 3082, Australia

Tel: 03 9744 7768


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Abbot: Venerable Ronrawee Rawiphapo

Email: dmcmelbourne@gmail.com

Mobile: 0430023595

Establish: Mon Oct 15 2007

Dhammakaya Temple of Melbourne

World peace through inner peace

A change is needed, which originate from one’s inner self, from one’s heart. It’s an old saying that when one door locks another one opens. As the world burns in agony on one side, a silver lining in these dark clouds could be seen on the other. A humble idea that originated in the mystic lands of Thailand in the early 1900’s is redefining the teaching of Buddha, along with the very idea of peace and stability in the world.

The meaning of the word Vijja is pure Knowledge and Dhammakaya simply means the real body of Buddha. Vijja Dhammakaya means Knowledge which flows down from Buddha himself. Dhammakaya is not an interpretation of Buddha’s sayings but is itself the original teachings of Lord Gautama Buddha.

“Peace comes from within.  Do not seek it without.”

Buddha Tipitaka

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